Epsilon and MiSys Form a Winning Combination

Misys Fusion software supports banking and capital markets by streamlining operations for more than 1100 installations globally. The Fusion platform integrates silos within an organization so that management can get a complete overview of ITS business.

More than 2,000 institutions in 130 countries use the Misys Product Suite – Fusion Capital, Banking, Invest, Risk, API’s are connected thru the Fusion Fabric Connect platform. Misys integrates cross-asset front-to-back functions including OTC clearing, connectivity, modeling, regulatory compliance, and full asset coverage.

Through trading and cloud-based functions Fusion allows for global operational standardization. The Fusion suite offers sophisticated tools for real time cross system-monitoring capability while addressing regulatory and reporting changes quickly through better-connected agile channels systems. It serves as a single platform that can address a business and regulatory environment that is rapidly changing.  Misys owns reputation for reliability, proven modern architecture, and functionality.

Epsilon is a Manhattan-based boutique consulting firm, specializing in front-to-back trading platform implementations, compliance consulting, and front office analytics. We deliver efficient and effective solutions by leveraging our expertise in capital markets, technology, and trading platforms with our distinguished attentiveness, meticulous focus on quality, and reputable collaboration with clients. Among our many areas of expertise is in implementing software systems like MiSys to help improve your business’s performance and efficiency.

Epsilon was founded in 2007 with a simple proposition at its heart: that there is an enduring, viable, and profitable place in the marketplace for a boutique group of talented, motivated professionals who are focused on providing excellent service to a marketplace increasingly concerned about cost efficiency, faster time-to-market, and quality.

Our relevant, precise, forward-looking and long term solutions have a consistent track record of improving our clients’ productivity by helping them to make better decisions in a fast-paced and complex world.

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    If you are interested in joining Epsilon’s financial consulting firm in New York City, please visit our Careers page to view jobs and submit a resume for consideration. See our service areas page for specific locations we provide consultations in.