“…We engaged Epsilon to be our strategic partner…. I am happy to say that Epsilon met or exceeded our expectations on this project. We successfully completed the RFP project and selected a system that was right for our business…”

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Our Expertise


We are Trading Platform and Capital Markets consultants . We pride ourselves on the knowledge of Fixed Income / Derivatives and Trading Platforms, and champion ourselves on our deep understanding of Capital Markets and Financial Industry.

We bridge the gap between business and technology by applying our knowledge of the business, technology, and trading platforms.

We bring “substance” to our clients by:

  • Seeking consistently the best solution, not necessarily the most accepted
  • Maintaining a strategic partnership with our clientele that enables them to prevent issues before they arise
  • Providing solutions that resolve issues in innovative and relevant ways

We understand the complexities of Cross-Asset Derivatives: Equities, Interest Rates, Credit, Commodities, and FX. We have expertise in structured products like CMBS, ABS, MBS, CDOs, CLOs and other complex instruments including callable bonds, puttable loans, caps, floors, and swaptions.

Additionally, we are experts in many leading trading systems, including Calypso, Summit (Misys), Principia, Opus, Front Arena, OpenLink, and Murex, among others.

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If you are interested in joining Epsilon’s financial consulting firm in New York City, please visit our Careers page to view jobs and submit a resume for consideration. See our service areas page for specific locations we provide consultations in.