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“We engaged Epsilon to validate our mission critical valuation and hedge accounting model. We were impressed with the level of expertise of the Epsilon team members…”

Federal Home Loan Bank
Risk Group, Vice President

April 28, 2015

Financial Consultants In Bronx

Epsilon Consulting Services is a leading New York boutique consulting firm, who specialize trading platform implementation, compliance consulting and front office analytic. Our highly qualified financial consultants in Bronx have a deep understanding of the financial industry and Capital Markets, which they use to provide clients with efficient and effective solutions. Our strategy for every project involves a direct and honest approach, which allows us to be the voice of expertise and credibility with clients.

We consistently manage to bring “substance” to our clients by:

  • Constantly seeking the most efficient solution, not necessarily the most accepted.
  • Maintaining strategic partnerships with our clientele that enables them to prevent issues before they arise.
  • Providing solutions that resolve issues in innovative and relevant ways.

Our financial consulting firm in Bronx has a team that is comprised of:

  • Business Analysts – Our business analysts in Bronx carry between 10 and 30 years of profound domain experience specializing in securities trading and back office processes. Having a variety of valuable skills, our analysts are generally involved in strategic planning, business model validation, process design, and system analysis.
  • Project Manager – Our software development project manager in Bronx has anywhere between 5 and 25 years of extensive project planning and project execution experience. By providing a strong form of leadership, our project managers help reduce the risk of project failure and build a greater form of unity within the development team.
  • Software Engineer – Our software engineers in Bronx have between 1 and 20 years of experience in researching, designing, coding and implementing software. Having a substantial set of skills, our software programmers are experts in developing on Linux, Unix, Java, C++, C Sharp, Windows and more.

Additionally, our teams has an expertise in many of the leading trading systems, including Murex, Principia, Calypso, Summit (Misys), Opus, OpenLink, Front Arena. We understand the complexities of Cross-Asset Derivatives: Equities, Interest Rates, Credit, Commodities, and FX.


Our Clientele

Our financial consulting firm in Bronx maintains a strong emphasis on building relationships, which has truly become the foundation of our business. New and existing clients come to us with full trust in generating innovative ideas and the promise of intellectual property. You can view our testimonials and impact stories here. Our financial consulting services typically include clients who are:

  • Investment, National and Global Banks
  • Commercial and Regional Banks
  • Federal Home Loan Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Treasuries of Large Corporations
  • Hedge Funds
  • Broker Dealers
  • Investment Management Firms

To find out more information about our and financial consultants in Bronx, please use the contact information listed below-

Contact Page
Phone: (347) 770-1748
Fax: (212) 931-0572

More Services Our Boutique Consulting Firm Offers

Accounting Software Consulting Services In New York City –

Over the past six years, we have helped several clients to implement derivative and fixed income accounting in best-of-breed technology platforms. These projects have involved gathering of comprehensive accounting business requirements, implementation, testing and other forms of assistance. Our areas of expertise include ASC 815 (formerly FAS 133), ASC 820 (formerly FAS 157), GASB 53, ASC 320 (formerly FAS 115), and FAS 107.

Capital Markets Consulting Services In Bronx

Rapidly developing technology, economic markets and products produce the need for highly complex business processes that must be efficient for the participants, cost-effective to the manager in charge of the P&L, secured and transparent to the regulators. Our business analysis involves identifs key information regarding stakeholders, data requirements, latency requirements, business rules and analytics, and other aspects

Compliance Consulting Services In Bronx

Since 2010 Epsilon became a strategic partner to various market participants impacted by Dodd Frank, Volcker Rule and Basel III regulations. We are experienced in helping firms adjust to the challenges of compliance:

  • Interpreting the organizational impact of regulatory change across functions, asset classes, and geographies
  • Designing and applying technology architecture used to execute reporting
  • Addressing data management challenges, including the assurance of timely, accurate, and complete data sets both internally and to the regulators

Risk Analytic Consulting In Bronx

Our validation services in New York include a complete set of in-depth analyses that help gain regulatory approval, assist with the internal audit / validation teams, and comply with stress testing requirements. We believe that without a thorough testing and validation of the model, its application could be flawed or misunderstood. It results in incorrect risk profiles, failed hedge effectiveness testing and other issue.

Vendor Selection Consulting In Bronx

Vendor selection for your complex business processes is one of the most strategic and leveraged decisions. The quality of this process often sets the tone for many months and years of implementation. Our vendor selection process has been sharpened over the years to incorporate all the possible scenarios and deliver ideal solutions for the desired end-state and not just the current challenges.

Calypso Consulting In Bronx

Calypso software provides an integrated trading applications platform that manages Financial Service security transactions. It functions as a complete, flexible software that allows for customization into many of the changing needs of todays financial environment. Calypso is one of the world’s most recognizable trading and risk management applications for front to back office transactions for Derivatives, Cross-Assets and Treasuries.

Misys Consulting In Bronx

Misys Fusion software supports banking and capital markets by streamlining operations for more than 1100 installations globally. The Fusion platform integrates silos within an organization so that management can get a complete overview of their business. Through trading and cloud-based functions Fusion allows for global operational standardization. The Fusion suite offers sophisticated tools for real time cross system-monitoring capability while addressing regulatory and reporting changes quickly through better-connected agile channels systems

Principia Consulting In Bronx

Principia’s (SFP) Structured Finance Platform is an out-of-the-box solution that automates portfolio management, valuations, deal analysis, risk management, compliance management, and reporting. It serves as a complete independent and flexible software platform allowing Derivatives Managers, ABS Managers, GICS Managers make confident decisions in real time.


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