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“We engaged Epsilon to validate our mission critical valuation and hedge accounting model. We were impressed with the level of expertise of the Epsilon team members…”

Federal Home Loan Bank
Risk Group, Vice President

April 28, 2015



Misys Fusion software supports banking and capital markets by streamlining operations for more than 1100 installations globally.   The Fusion platform integrates silos within an organization so that management can get a complete overview of their business.  Through trading and cloud-based functions Fusion allows for global operational standardization.  The Fusion suite offers sophisticated tools for real time cross system-monitoring capability while addressing regulatory and reporting changes quickly through better-connected agile channels systems.  It functions as a single platform the address a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment.  Misys carries the reputation for reliability, proven modern architecture, and functionality.

    • More than 2000 institutions in 130 countries use Misys.
    • Product Suite – Fusion Capital, Banking, Invest, Risk, API’s are connected thru the Fusion Fabric Connect platform.
    • It integrates cross-asset front to back functions including OTC clearing, connectivity, modeling, regulatory compliance, and full asset coverage.
    • Misys meets changing regulatory and improved ROI demands
    • Multi Party Management allows for Loan Origination, Teller, Customer Views, Treasury, Risk Management, Compliance, Security Audits, Islamic Finances.
    • Provides enterprise real time view of liquidity, stress testing
    • Calculates pricing, Margins, Collateral, Analytics, Risk Management, and simulations
      • VAR
      • Margin
  • Misys Fusion trading system modules and components
    • Fusion Capital – Summit
      • OTC derivatives and cross asset trading with seamless STP workflows
    • Fusion – Kondor
      • FX foreign exchange, derivatives, structured products, trading with STP and trade captures
    • Fusion – Sophis
      • Integrates complexities of derivative trading with risk management and trade processing
    • Fusion – Opics
      • Complete Treasury Management and automation / STP for all aspects of banks treasury operations.
    • Fusions Capital Global Components
      • Cloud based capability for seamless global trading consistency and integrity
    • Clients select this software because it:
      • Best of breed cross-asset coverage, computational flexibility for complex instruments
      • Flexible modular and API Integration design
      • GPU Acceleration computing
      • Multi devise support
      • High performance computing
      • Integrates with other best of breed trading systems
      • Offers rapid integration of new regulations from Dodd Frank, MIFID, Basel 111
      • Off Shelf Hardware for cost effective deployments
      • Asset Classes Covered
        • Fixed Income Credit
        • Credit Inflation
        • Forex
        • FX Options
        • Structured Products
        • SWAPTIONS
        • Equities
        • OTC Derivatives
        • Listed derivatives
        • Repo’s
        • Securities Lending
    • MYSYS Automation Advantage
      • Reduces data entry redundancy
      • Analytics built into the application and automatically calculates the risk factors.
      • Significant time saving with automated calculations based on Trade Capture information.
      • Capability for full portfolio to drill down perspective on all analytics
      • Integrates with almost all major platforms
      • Technical architecture to do massive amounts of calculations
      • Scalable grid computing architecture
      • Trade Captures, Trade Blotters, Trade Hedges, Credit Curves, Greeks, Cross Asset P&L, Credit Risk Analysis
      • Counterparty and position offsets,
      • Completed straight thru processing in the front, middle, and back office processes
      • Databases and builds reports to risk management function
      • Legal Level Documents Report Generation
      • SWIFT SAG – SWIFT Access Gateway
    • Technical & Functions
      • Developed in Agile Environment
      • Intel Xeon Processor E7 operate at 30% utilization rates at peak times
      • 350,000 transactions per hour recorded over 162 branches
      • Built in storage helps minimize infrastructure cost
      • 4tb memory speeds processing
      • Java j2ee coding
      • SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
      • End of day processing
      • Margin Call
      • Client Statements
      • Regulatory Reporting
      • SEF Integration
      • Intra-day processing

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