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“We engaged Epsilon to validate our mission critical valuation and hedge accounting model. We were impressed with the level of expertise of the Epsilon team members…”

Federal Home Loan Bank
Risk Group, Vice President

April 28, 2015

Vendor Selection


Vendor selection for your complex business processes is one of the most strategic and leveraged decisions. The quality of this process often sets the tone for many months and years of implementation. Our vendor selection process has been sharpened over the years to incorporate all the possible scenarios and deliver ideal solutions for the desired end-state and not just the current challenges.

A successful vendor selection process must ask the following questions:

  • What are our current pains?
  • Which of these are feasible to be solved?
  • What are the high-level business requirements for these pain points?
  • Who are the vendors that are key players in this area?
  • Is it better to have a “big-box” solution or is it better to integrate several best-of-breed solutions?

Our in-depth knowledge of the marketplace of vendor products, capital markets and trading platforms helps you to choose the right vendor for your company in the least possible time and in a cost efficient manner. We excel at helping you sift through technological complexities, helping you with seemingly inconsistent claims and thorough investigations of the vendor’s functionality such that it minimizes downstream implementation risks.

Key Benefits selecting a vendor with Epsilon include:

  • Reduce the Overall Cost of the Project
  • Accelerate Processes
  • Minimize Disruptions
  • Increase Clarity
  • Achieve Laser-Focused Request for Proposal
  • Diminish Future Risks
  • Acquire a partner who has your best interest at heart
  • Select the “best-fit” derivative technology platform for your business

Cost Effective & Time Efficient Vendor Slection

Cost Effective & Time Efficient Vendor Slection

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